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What is Attoric Gods?
Attoric Gods is a server where three god's have descended upon a land, once at war with each other they have established peace (for the time being). Each of the gods are recruiting players to build up their empires, simply put your faith in one god and they will carry you onto great things. The gods are in harmony with each other - power hungry beings of light and shadow being twisted among the wood and stone of the world. A dance of water, earth, and fire. Each of the God's cities will feature a mine shaft, a lumber-mill, farm-house for animals, and a mob spawning area, along with a market for players to rent and sell their items. Players will have plots to build their own homes on. The God's require their citizens to perform tasks in these areas to level up and do bigger and better things. Along with an excellent dueling arena in the Main hub city, and free for all killing to the north.