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***** Description contains server rules. Ignoring this may result in instant ban. *****

Simple survival server. Server has 2GB of ram, and is hosted on a superior quality line (more stable). I wish to play with others who are serious in having a pure minecraft multiplayer experience. Current plugin list is Residence, Lockette, and MCMMO. Residence is a self serve area protection plugin that lets you define your own protection. Lockette is a self serve chest protection plugin and all you need to do is right click your chest with a sign. That said, i'll see how well that stops griefers. I decided to put on MCMMO make playing the game more rewarding, and it can put things on a more competitive edge as well. Please don't ask to be op, have creative, spawn items, or have special permissions. I don't care if you used to be the world's best minecraft server admin, you will be instantly banned, without hesitation, if you actively ask for these things.