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The Almighty Server is back with some new features,
The server is still on tests so there may be some problems here and there.. just so you know.

Main info:
Griefing allowed
We have Factions and McMMO installed.

Well there are a few ways,
In the server you may earn cash by fighting against monsters, or by joining events and games that we have in the server.

Every now and then, there will be an auto chat event,
Sometimes it's a math problem, sometimes it's a fast typing contest, you may earn cash by winning them.

Also, We have a unique game plugin programmed especially for our server, the game includes a self generating maze, parkour, and monster spawns to fight against.
The first one to find the chest in the maze wins.

You are also welcome to open your own ChestShop in the market place, although you might want to know that it costs money to place a chest, and it will remain there for 7 days only. (That is also one of our custom modifications )

That's about it,
See you there !