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About MegaKraft

Megakraft is a full hardcore pvp server with a dynamic economy We have 4 worlds Main,PVP,Skylands,Nether. players begin in the tutorial. Here users will be able to learn about the different rules and how to use different commands.

After this, it is for the player to decide what they wish to do. players can kill monsters for money or gather resources to sell to the stores or the server. players can also build their own settlements and homes anywhere outside of the spawn, or even join a town so that their land can be protected!.


Main world

Pvp world



Server Rules
[1] Be respectful to staff and other players
[2] No excessive Swearing
[3] Do not advertise any servers or websites.
[4] Do not grief in towns
[5] No Client mods or Xray Mods
[6] Do not abuse a bug or error. Report it to Staff
[7] Do not beg for free items/ranks
[8] Use your brain! Aka. Common Sense!
[9] If you do not lock your chest and your things are stolen it is your fault.
[10] do not Spam

Ban Punishments
Ban Punishments
Breaking rules results in a 24 hour ban
Excessive breaking of rules will result in a permanent ban


We have 2 donation ranks if you feel that you would like to donate and rank up we have 2 Donator ranks [Donator] and [Vip] each rank gets more commands viet the command list Link coming soon