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BrokenArrow Prison is a Minecraft role play server where you start off a [C] block and rank your way up to free and then citizen. You can mine ores and collect wood in the tree farms. There is pvp in most places such as the hallways and pvp zones. In the prison there are contraband items where you cannot have, if you have such items guards will forcefully take away that contraband item if you refuse and fight, well you will die if you just say "no" or refuse. You will be put into solitary confinement for a certain amount of time. You can donate to us to gain mcMMO stats, Ranks, Money and kits to help you in the Prison PvP Zones and In the free world! The prison consists of the best hardware possible and with more and more donations we can prevent lag, prevent further issues and guarantee to keep the server up for longer time!

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