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This is a Factions Survival PvP Raiding server.You are allowed to grief anf have all the fun you want.
We have many plugins to better improve you time on the server.
Plugins such as Factions McMMo floauction economy vault 1vs1 ect..
We have many things you can do on the server such as Silk Touch Spawners and 1vs1 pvp duels.We also have a parkour course that allows you to get prizes for completing the course.We have a really nice and well balanced economy.
We are told we have one of the best shops ppl have seen.
We let players buy things like Spawners.You can buy different types of spawners not just pigs.I mean you can buy creeper or blaze or skeleton spwners.How cool is that?
We are very new to the system but Have much to offer and Alot more on the way.
You will find out how much fun you can have on this server withing just 1 hour of playing on it.
So what re you Waiting for ?
Join today.